Letter from CNO Board Treasurer


Did you know that your local neighborhood organization – CNO – is one of the most active and effective neighborhood organizations in Minneapolis?

Having lived in the neighborhood since 2006, it wasn’t until I joined the board in 2014 that I found out CNO does significantly more than publish the Corcoran News and host the used book sale. Since then, I have learned about the impact of CNO’s work in the neighborhood.

Because I value the contributions of CNO’s amazing staff and engaged volunteers, my husband and I are CNO Sustainers – donors who give a monthly or quarterly donation to support CNO’s work. Will you join us?

The board of directors for CNO discussed the importance of residents having the opportunity to invest in CNO’s work and be recognized for their gifts – no matter the size of the donation. The CNO board has set a goal to engage 150 NEW donors by the end of 2015. If we reach our goal, the CNO board members (all volunteers, all residents of Corcoran) have generously offered to donate an additional $500 on top of their current contributions. On Give to the Max Day, 44 donors gave $2,800 to CNO, including 25 new givers. We needs lots more NEW givers to make our goal. Any amount counts - $5, $15, $30!

In addition to new donors, we also strive to have 100% of our past donors give again. Your support in previous years has helped CNO become the thriving, impactful organization it is today. If you have not yet made a donation to CNO in 2015, please do so before the end of the year. Board members will be reaching out to you in the coming month to ask you to give again this year! Currently, 63 past donors have already given this year (21 are sustainers)!


We want to double the number of CNO Sustainers this year. Whether you are a past donor or new donor, I challenge you to take your generosity to a new level by scheduling a recurring gift. If you usually give $25 at the end of the year, consider giving $10 per month instead. Or if you are a first time donor, could you give $5 per month? If you believe in our neighborhood and value the work that CNO does, please challenge yourself to give a little more this year and commit to giving more in the future. With seven people signing up to become sustainers this year, we need 13 more sustainers.

Because I want to stay in this neighborhood and make it an even better place for my family to thrive, I support the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization (CNO).

Please visit here to set up a secure monthly or one-time contribution. You can also mail a contribution to CNO at 3451 Cedar Ave S, or drop your donation off in person. Your dollars will be put to use to make your neighborhood - your home - a better place.


April Riordan
CNO Board Treasurer and Corcoran Neighbor