Board of Directors

Corcoran Neighborhood Board

CNO Board of Directors



Chole Jackson, Board Chair


, Vice Chair


Ellie Watkins, Secretary


Matt Kazinka, Treasurer

Matt Kazinka Matt has lived in the Corcoran neighborhood since 2012 with various housemates, cats, and chickens. He loves many things about the neighborhood - the organizations and institutions, the accessibility to transit and bike routes, and the wonderful and interesting neighbors. He currently works for the Lake Street Council, supporting small businesses in the Lake Street community to implement more sustainable business practices. He has served on the Board since 2015 and has been learning how to be a treasurer since late 2018.

Mike Novak, Midtown Farmers Market Chair

Mike Novak eating a banana Mike has served as Co-Chair of the Midtown Farmers Market Advisory Committee since 2014 and has served on the Corcoran Board since 2015. He’s passionate about connecting to his community and wants to make it better for his wife, two sons and all his neighbors. He’s an Art Director by trade, and works downtown in that shorter white building. In the summer he’ll be camping all over the midwest in his old beat up camper, or you may find him digging in his garden with dirty hands and a local brew. In the winters you might see him tearing up a stage on drums in local’s Holler House or on any medium-sized slope on a sled.

Kelly Savage, Economic Development Chair

Kelly Hello Corcoran! My name is Kelly Savage and I’ve been in the neighborhood about 8 years. I am an avid traveler and local music enthusiast. As a foodie, you may find me dining out and I would be happy to give you recommendations and discuss new restaurants, bars and breweries. Due to all the eating and drinking, you may also see me walk or bike past you during better weather. I love everything our city has to offer from theater to the Vikings. If you see me out and about be sure and introduce yourself, as I would love to meet more of my neighbors and see how I could be more effective in my role here at the CNO.

Lorien Kinzel-Auer, Corcoran News Chair

Lorien Kinzel-Auer  Lori moved to Corcoran 2014, and lives with her Husband, son and two dogs. She spent her first two year volunteering with Corcoran doing just the paper layout. Two years ago she joined the board at an large position and became the Newspaper chair when a editor stepped down. She does front end web development for her grown up job. She's a avid knitter and spinner and hosts the Southside fiber meet-up at the CNO every month. 

Simon Riordan, Land Use & Housing Co-Chair 

John Fleming, Land Use & Housing Co-Chair 

Kevin Kirsch, At Large

  Kevin has been an active member in land use, housing, the newspaper, and economic development since 2014, but this is his first time on the board. Woo hoo! Right now, he is especially passionate about the renters in the neighborhood. Outside of the board, Kevin takes guitar lessons at Blue Tree, and Spanish at Roosevelt. He is on the MN ICE swim team and thinks winter should keep to it's recommended three month calendar length. 

Darcus Mitchell, At Large 


Anna Schmitz, At Large


Sarah L. Morrison, At Large


Carolyn Washington, At Large










The CNO Board is currently looking for a board members and we have a three At Large positions available. 

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