Corcoran Career Connections

Corcoran Career Connections simply aims to connect neighbors with professional development and career opportunities. We specialize in helping individuals who face significant challenges to employment and stability particularly people with low incomes or who are experiencing poverty or homelessness, adults or youth with disabilities, working single parents, new immigrants, and youth and young parentsWe offer support to laid-off workers, displaced homemakers, and low-income families transitioning off of public assistance or working to avoid dependence on public assistance. Using our community network and creative minds, we are able to harness a variety of resources that support the long term health, well being and future of the our neighbors.

Career connections with holistic approach

We believe overall wellness, health, and economic and social wellness, transforms lives. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be well. Sometimes finding the right career or job entails added supports. Within CNO, we offer services to address the whole person, including our career education and mental health services. CNO pairs employment services with a wellness approach to meet our communities unique needs.

CNO participants get connected to CNO partners who regularly facilitate workshops on mock interviewing, careers by industry, workplace expectations, and more. Workshops are offered on social networking, behavioral interviewing, resume writing, and more. 

CNO provides access to a hidden workforce a culturally-diverse and skilled talent pool for a wide range of positions in various industries. We partner with many Metro area businesses to match qualified individuals for their workforce needs. We are open and interested in any opportunities that will invest in the long term success of our neighbors.