About the Organization


Corcoran Neighborhood Organization (CNO) was established in 1975 around a grassroots effort by neighborhood residents to establish Corcoran Park on the site of a closed school. Building on this victory, CNO has continued to unite and equip neighbors to improve and protect the neighborhood. CNO is a non-partisan information source, spokesperson, and advocate for the community on civic affairs, and strives to engage community members on issues that may have a positive or negative impact on the community.  CNO serves the area bounded by East Lake Street to the north, East 36th Street to the south, Hiawatha Avenue to the east, and Cedar Avenue to the west.

Mission: We unite neighbors to strengthen our community.

Vision: We envision our community as a place that fosters leadership, engagement, and a sense of belonging.


  • Empowerment: To empower residents to advocate for their neighbors and invest in the future of the neighborhood where they live, work and recreate.
  • Equity/Diversity: To create equitable access for all our neighbors to the public resources necessary to live a safe, productive, and joyful life.
  • Innovation/Creativity: To lead in creative programming and innovative neighborhood solutions.
  • Sustainability/Placemaking: To develop and promote sustainable living options to create a more resilient neighborhood.

Everyone is welcome to attend CNO meetings and events and Corcoran residents are eligible and encouraged to become members (visit the CNO office at 3451 Cedar Ave S to become a member). Resident participants of CNO programs make recommendations to the CNO Board, a group of volunteers elected from the neighborhood. At its monthly meetings the Board reviews and votes on these recommendations and thus determines policy for the organization. CNO staff cannot vote or serve as members of CNO committees or the board. Board elections are held at the May General Membership meeting.

CNO's By-Laws are posted here: [PDF file]