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Executive Director: Alicia D. Smith 

Alicia Smith

I bring wide-ranging expertise to Corcoran Neighborhood Organization. I previously held multiple positions at the YMCA of Greater Twin Cities and my own consulting firm Crowns & Thrones LLC. As a lifelong community builder, I feel lucky to be able to talk to people face-to-face about their passion as well as work with other motivated community members.

I am a believer in a strong work ethic, displaying elegance in execution and collaboration in performance. I spent my early years being the oldest child of a single mom, excelling in school and athletics.  I have always pushed the points of excellence and achievement which became a foundation from which to go forth in the world. Thus, college was followed by graduate school, followed by AmeriCorps and the continual pursuit of new ideas and learning best practices.

One of my major focuses is on supporting and building community-based programs, farmers market growth and collaborations that can be offered to the broad spectrum of youth, young adults and elders.

I am looking forward to building upon all of the incredible work that has helped create a powerful organization and movement. We've made a name for ourselves by constantly making connections between issues such as renters’ rights and building up our beloved farmers market. We make those connections because we know intimately that one issue cannot be separated from the other for the members of our communities.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you!

In Partnership,

Alicia D. Smith

Executive Director

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