Business Spotlight: Shear Art Hair Studio


“As a salon we provide a calm and friendly atmosphere where your days are made and your experiences are had. We strive to be on the top of education and fashion trends. Every service is an experience when you sit with us. Leaving time for you to Be Beautiful, Be Unique and Be You!” —Tammy Angrimson, owner.

That is why Shear Art Hair Studio exists. Since she was a teenager, Tammy always knew she wanted to “do hair.” Over the years she worked to get a business degree and a cosmetology license so that she could properly create the business she wanted with her own specific missions and goals.

I really found this to be true! When I stepped into Shear Art Hair Studio I found an inviting space with friendly stylists. I was immediately greeted with a hospitality I’d expect from a long lost family member.

The salon provides manicures and pedicures, massage and waxing in addition to the usual salon services. Some of the stylists specialize in textured hair, as well, so there is really something for everyone here. I, personally, liked that they have 2 “pedi” stations so I can bring a friend to share a relaxing treat!

As an educator for Paul Mitchell, Tammy keeps everyone up on the current trends and techniques. She believes in their abilities and their products as well as having adopted the philosophy of wanting to give back to the neighborhood.

Speaking of the neighborhood, just why is she in Corcoran, you may ask? The answer is pretty simple. Tammy makes the 4 hour round trip commute each day because her clients are here. She had been working in Longfellow and drove around to find a new space. Across from the Chatterbox seemed to be perfect, and without even knowing it, she had moved closer to most of her clients. That was about 5 years ago. She has since relocated to her current location on the same corner, and still loves the feel of the neighborhood and the earth friendly vibe of South Minneapolis.

Shear Art Hair Studio
2228 E. 35th St. Minneapolis, MN 55407

***Tammy currently has an opening for another stylist. If anyone with these skills would like to walk to work in their own neighborhood and join a team that promotes high touch customer service in a fun and relaxing environment, please see the contact information above.***


Kelly Savage is a resident of Corcoran neighborhood, and a volunteer reporter with Corcoran News to spotlight local businesses. If you know of a business in neighborhood that should be spotlighted, please contact <[email protected]>.

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