Business Spotlight: Le Town Talk

leTownTalk.jpgI remember how sad both my wife and were when we heard the Town Talk Diner on East Lake St. and 27th was closing its doors. Door, singular. That marquee remained, but there were no more of those amazing fries; until now. Someone was smart enough to use that iconic marquee and simply put a little “Le” on top of it.

That someone is the new owner of Le Town Talk, Emilie Cellai. We mentioned how happy we were that the space was being revitalized. Cellai responded that she was happy to be a part of a neighborhood that reminded her of the diversity of her hometown, Marseille. She added that she wants people from the neighborhoods bordering Lake St., like you all Corcoronites, to feel bienvenus et chez lui (welcome and at home. I got to practice mon français with her.). Ok, to the food!

The family and I showed up for brunch from Cellai’s menu of “French comfort food.” Our waitress was very nice and friendly and immediately brought coloring books and crayons for the kids. She also kept my wife’s coffee full. The kids were hungry from a day at the zoo, so we jumped right in and ordered both of them the Brunch Enfant which is a ham and cheese (or sucrée) crêpe, fruit, and apple juice (or milk). The fruit came early, which was nice, and was a medley of quality fruit including apples and raspberries.

My wife ordered the Le Breakfast that was potatoes, asparagus, broccolini, eggs, gruyere (sausage if you wish), and a slice of baguette. She enjoyed the herbed butter sauce on the veggies. I built my own crêpe of eggs, cheese, and veggies and also ordered a crêpe sucrée of homemade jam and maple butter. Both were excellent. As for the Brunch Enfant, the portions were perfect for our five year old and we had some leftovers from the two year old. Both really liked the “not so sweet pancakes.” Related, we actually ended up with some bonus sucrées due to an order snafu, but I would just caution parents that if they order the sucrée for kids, much like really sweet pancakes, you get it. Dessert as the main dish isn’t bad in moderation, n’est-ce pas?

We also returned for dinner (and happy hour) a few months later. We ordered some great mushrooms sautéed in wine from the happy hour menu to start. The kids both had savory crêpes, similar to their previous brunch ones. If you like mussels, go for the traditional Moules Frites, mussels and fries. It may be the best broth I’ve ever had and I’m glad they served it with a spoon to get every last drop down. The dinner prices are a little steeper, but they also reflect the quality of the dishes. Also, the happy hour is quite good and adds on to the tab too.

Le Town Talk happy hour runs Tuesday through Sunday 4-6pm with food specials and 10-midnight for just drinks. Oh, and this includes an $8 refillable glass of wine during happy hour. Yep; that happened over dinner. There are local taps like Finnegans and the French beer I drank daily during my time in France (when I definitely wasn’t in high school…), Kronenbourg 1664. Le Town Talk has an extensive cocktail list with drinks with names like French 75, PS I love you, and St. Honore. They had a few winter warmers and for brunch I went with the Ginger Rouge made of 2 Gingers, Grand Marnier, orange bitters, Cranberry juice, and spices. It didn’t last long.

We really enjoyed both brunch and dinner. We were also pleased to meet Emilie Cellai and know that while she’s primarily focused on bringing us delicious French cuisine with a nudge of Marseille, she is also invested in South Minneapolis and being an active member of our community.

 Le Town Talk, French Diner & Drinkery
2707 East Lake Street


Hours of Operation

Tuesday through Friday:
11am – 3pm Lunch
3pm – 6pm Happy Hour
4pm – close Dinner
10pm – Midnight Happy Hour

Saturday and Sunday:
9am – 3pm Brunch
3pm – 6pm Happy Hour
4pm – close Dinner
10pm – Midnight Happy Hour


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