Business Spotlight: Kabomelette


I am pretty sure that everyone around Corcoran has seen the truck. It has what looks like a fried egg and how do you say that?  Kabob-a-what? Kabomelette is a Corcoran resident owned and operated food truck.

Chelsea moved to Corcoran 26 years ago with her single mom when she was just a young girl but moved back with Greg after college. Settling right into Corcoran to be near her mother, the couple are now raising their children in the neighborhood as well.

Chelsea’s background in social work and fundraising pair well with Greg’s culinary abilities. Chelsea runs the business and schedules at breweries, U of MN campus lunches, local businesses and more. They like to give back to the community and have worked fundraisers and are a favorite at the local farmer’s market. In fact, it’s the market that really launched their business just five years ago! They knew they wanted to do kabobs, but the early Saturday morning market needed a breakfast offering. So they added in the eggs and a business was born—to the tune of about 500 eggs each Saturday market!  Their concept is real food, fast and affordable. The truck offers items like jerk or curry kabobs in addition to omelettes, but one of their biggest sellers is the “Market” or “Trailer” hash which blends potatoes, bacon, zucchini, peppers and cheese and tops it off with a fried egg!

Some things do stand Kabomelette apart from the rest. The truck offers no fried food and produce is from the market whenever possible. The eggs are Larry Schultz and although they don’t advertise it, many of their items are local, organic and/or gluten free. So if you have a dietary requirement you should really just ask them.

Another seldom known fact is that Kabomelette is actually more than a food truck.  Currently working out of a shared kitchen, Kabomelette is a full service catering business able to serve up to 300 individuals anything from appetizers to a full formal dinner! You can check out their reasonable catering prices on line for your next party or event.

As business expands, Kabomelette is outgrowing their kitchen and currently looking for a possible brick and mortar location. They hope to be in or around Corcoran and I not only wish them well, but look forward to experiencing future ventures from the Kabomelette team.

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