Business Spotlight: Cynthia Reuss Massage


3545 19th Ave South

(612) 889-8022

Have you ever had a massage and by the time you get home your drive across town has you completely knotted up all over again?   I’ve found a way to solve this because I can now walk or bike to my neighborhood massage therapist!

Cynthia has lived in Corcoran on and off and after purchasing her house, is now here to stay!  She has a background in Outdoor, Recreation, and Environmental Studies, but chose to change careers in the early 2000s.  With her love of biology, she says it really wasn’t much of a shift.  She has 12 years of practice, many of those in chiropractic offices, which helped her specialize in deep tissue massage.   This therapy can target muscles that are tight and strained from overuse or injury as well as help the healing process after a knee or hip replacement or even a car accident. 

I’ve had deep tissue massage and left feeling beaten, bruised and sore but this will not be the case with Cynthia.  She takes the time to discuss your preferences and leaves the lines of communication open.  She is respectful of your wishes and can work around them, whether that is to leave your clothes on or to change the pressure applied.  I left with a calm mind and energized body and cannot wait to go back.  My normally stiff ankles let me walk down the stairs the next morning and that is a big change for me!  

To experience a deep tissue massage yourself, visit her website and schedule your visit.  You’ll be met with her calm and kind demeanor, strong hands, and a careful consideration of your wants and needs.   Her hours are weekdays with early evening appointments available all days except Fridays.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.