A Spotlight on Two Neighborhood Businesses: One Old and One New

 New Business in the Corcoran Neighborhood

                New features are popping up all over our area. There are new businesses being established that help our community, one of those being the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore. With this great business, you can get home goods for great prices and give back to the public.

                The ReStore is a home improvement outlet. They sell donated home furnishings and building materials for a fraction of the original costs. Everything found in their store is donation based and their merchandise comes every day from contractors, retailers, and private individuals.

At the ReStore you can get involved through buying, donating, and volunteering. Through shopping, the proceeds go toward Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to provide decent housing. You can donate to the ReStore, but please read their donation guidelines before doing so here: (https://restore.tchabitat.org/donate). They accept a wide variety of items and all donations are tax deductible and 100% used towards Habitat for Humanity’s mission. The third way you can get involved is through volunteering. You can volunteer as a group or as an individual. As a volunteer, your tasks could range anywhere from accepting donations, cashiering, or answering the phone. This great organization could not be run without volunteers, so if you’re looking for someplace to do so, the ReStore is a great option.


Upon visiting the ReStore I was greeted by a pleasant environment and friendly staff. The building is fairly large and filled with a grand assortment of items for exceptionally reasonable prices. Towards the front you have furniture, lighting and paint. In the back of the store you can find bulk lumber, home improvement items, and much more. Everything was reasonably priced and I would feel even better spending the money there since it goes towards a good cause. My father decided to get a few items, and upon checking out we found the staff was very friendly and happy. Altogether it was a pleasurable shopping experience.

All in all, the Habitat for Humanity's South Minneapolis Restore is a great place to shop and volunteer. They are located at 2700 Minnehaha Avenue and their website address is http://www.habitat.org/restores. I would definitely suggest visiting there sometime in the near future.

Parker Adams – Youth Reporter

An Old and Trustful Business in the Corcoran Neighborhood

Everett's grocery store is a full-service butcher shop that is located right in the neighborhood. It is family operated, and has been here since 1956. We go there almost every Sunday to get some of our weekly groceries, and we have gone there for a couple of years. Everett’s isn't like any other store. There are many different things to show that it is the most extraordinary butcher shop there is around our area. All of the employees there are kind, and as helpful as they can be! Everett's has the best quality groceries.

    Everett's has a fascinating background and history. It has been opened since 1956 and they have never changed their way of doing business. Its old fashioned butcher-style store has brought people from all over Minneapolis to our area.

    Everett's has a very wide variety of grocery items to suit your everyday needs. The groceries are of the finest quality you can find. The types of cheeses in their deli counter are not the typical varieties you could find at a normal store. They have things such as dill Havarti, extra sharp cheddar, and even apple smoked cheese. Everett's has lots of different types of juices and some are organic. They have fresh produce, and fresh fruits and vegetables that taste great.

    One thing that makes Everett's famous is its deli counter. They have all sorts of lunch meats for sandwiches that we use for our lunches. They have the best brats around. There are different flavored brats too which include Cheddar and Jalapeno Cheddar, to name a few. The beef sticks there are amazing. They make them themselves and are of outstanding quality.

    Everett's is located at 1833 E 38th St, Minneapolis, MN. You can also contact them with their phone number at (612) 729-6626. They have a website that is informal, neat, and clean which can provide you with much more information. If you have never been to Everett's, you will have great service, great food, and you are supporting a local business.

Ellie Adams – Youth Reporter

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