Youth Reporter: Volunteer for the Elderly


Providence Place Senior Living is a nursing home near the Corcoran neighborhood located at 3720 23rd Avenue South, and I regularly volunteer to play music for the elderly there, with the St Helena Church Music Troop.

I play the piano, the flute, and sing for the elderly.  I consider it a special thing to volunteer with the elderly. It has shown me that everyone deserves a chance, and that everyone is unique.  I go to play music for them about every other Saturday, and I can see that they truly enjoy being visited.

You don't have to play music to bring joy to their lives, either! There is a plethora of different things you could do, from volunteering in some way or by simply bringing in a fresh face to someone who doesn't get many visitors  (Just make sure you check the requirements of the organization you wish to volunteer for, of course).  It is so clear by their expressions and actions, that they truly appreciate being visited.  Seeing the smile it brings to their faces is an experience like no other.

You learn so many lessons by volunteering with the elderly. You can learn from their wisdom, which they have gained over time. I learn a new lesson each visit. I have learned the value of helping others, the power of a smile, patience, kindness, that mistakes aren't everything, and so much more. Volunteering is a gift, not a burden as some may think.

It is fun to share your talents, and I would encourage others to find ways to spend time with seniors in their own lives, whether through a formal organization or just by spending time with older relatives and friends.

One website you can visit is: to see the many opportunities for you to volunteer with the seniors in your area. I encourage you to take time to visit with the elderly soon. Thanks for reading!