Business Spotlight: Winter Goddess


Terry Williams and Nehemiah Inverse

It’s spring and it’s time for the Midtown Farmer’s Market!   While most people think of plants and fresh vegetables, our local market offers more than just thus normal farm fare.

Husband and wife duo Terry Williams and Nehemiah Inverse are creative.   As writers, cooks, and bakers this Corcoran couple has been able to share that talent locally through Winter Goddess Foods.  Their first year at the MFM they were invited to fill a market void.  The usual coffee vendor was unable to finish the season and they were more than happy to step in. They loved the local market and have been there on Saturdays ever since.  They say the great vendors, community vibe and seeing their fellow Corcoran residents all help make the market special to them.

Long ago they had decided to abandon corporate cubicles and make Winter Goddess Foods their livelihood.  When talking with them, it is clear they truly love what they do and take pride in every detail. Their dream is to own their own commercial kitchen with living quarters and be able to rent it out to others when they aren’t busy creating their delicious goods.

While they no longer sell coffee, you may know them for their Tranquility Chai tea.  This delicious recipe was developed for a fundraiser cookbook for Second Harvest Heartland.  After revising the original recipe and substituting organic ingredients to make the formula less processed and more natural, they served it to a writer’s group and received rave reviews and the suggestion to market the mixture.  Always open to customer suggestions, they’ve developed both a Vegan and an Un-sweetened version.  In addition, Muy Loco Cocoa is offered seasonally, in the fall.

The couple dedicates themselves to serving products that are organic, fair-trade, natural and/or local.   You will not find items made with corn syrup and even the sweet treats are not overloaded on sugar, allowing the natural flavors to come through.   WGF_Nehemiah_and_Terry_at_St._Peter.jpg Each item is made with the intent to fortify the body, please the palate and lift the spirits. 

To start your day with a healthy kick, they offer three granolas: Banana Walnut, Cranberry Walnut, and their special Sunflower Apple Raisin for those who may have nut allergies. All the organic oats come from Welcome, Minnesota and the Apples in the nut free version are grown locally in Farmington. 

Caramel Moments and Butter Crunch Toffee are options for the sweet tooth and Aww Nuts, which are both sweet and savory, feature organic cayenne and make a great snack while perusing the market.  In the fall, one can special order homemade organic truffles as well. 

Although you may find these items at over 20 local stores and co-ops, there is a reason to visit Winter Goddess Foods at the market. Terry holds both a State Fair blue and yellow ribbon. She brings her award winning baked goods and more each Saturday. Try oatmeal muffins, ricotta cookies and zucchini or wild rice breads -- all made fresh for the farmers market!