Wife in the City: Handyman

image2.JPGOwning a big ol’ house brings about big ol’ projects.  Unfortunately my latest project was replacing a broken window (after I threw my husband’s size 18 boot into the glass on accident while cleaning….oops).  In frustration I reached out on the Nextdoor app in an effort to find a handyman that could help me out…instead I found an artist! 

Bryce Fairbanks, of  “A Quality Handyman LLC”, came to my rescue!  He not only fixes w
indows, but also does creative work with vintage lighting, woodwork using reclaimed wood, and dreams up unique ways to solve other tough repairs…all while keeping the integrity of the home.

So, after I was impressed with his personality, craftsmanship, and his sidekick canine companion Blanca; I requested an interview for the Corcoran News.


You are more than a handyman and more like an artist!  How do you describe the beautiful work you do?

 I truly enjoy what I do. I attempt to accommodate everyone's financial needs, yet I will not hack. It hurts my brain to much. I'm moving more into the realms of what it is that I want to do creatively.  Also, now that my kids are in their twenties, I'm playing with image1.JPGthat creativity a little more. It's an enjoyable experience to meet with someone and have them share their idea or vision and a couple months later they're walking into their imagination.

How did you get into this business?

I needed to make money, but I didn't want any bosses and I didn't want to specialize in one thing.

Where did you learn the trades?

 I have been very lucky. I began at the Seward Care, then known as the Seward Community Cafe. That was a crash course in community, communication, and how to take on everything and anything with your brain and a tool.  I had a couple years with my friends at Collective Carpentry and they fostered in me what matters aesthetically and to not hack. We still work and play together. Then there's been really good people in the community that know how to do things that have shared general knowledge.

What do you like the most about working in the Corcoran neighborhood?

I like keeping it close to home, community is just another word for extended family right?