Wife in the City: Crafting a Wreath


As we reach spring, we think about sprucing up our homes.  We will start planting flowers, rework the landscaping that old man winter pushed around, plant seeds, and maybe even touch up old paint.  But how about a quick project to add appeal to the front door?  I can show you how to make a wreath with things we all have laying around the house in under an hour to increase curb appeal.  Here is what you need:  An old metal hanger, some scrap fabric of any kind or ribbons, and a scissors.



First, stretch the hanger out.  Then, cut the ribbon and fabric into strips about 8-12 inches long.  Fold the strips in half and pull the ends through the looPic_2.jpgp hole around the metal hanger. 

Before you know it, you will start to see an incredible wreath start to form.  I recommend using strips of fabric with fun meaning behind it for a conversation starter as guests walk into your home!  My ribbon is left over from our wedding. 

You can keep adding fabric strips and fill it out more as the season goes.  In less than an hour you will have a fun little spring addition to your home!  Happy Crafting Corcoranites!