Wife in the Cities: K9 and Kitty Kutters


Getting groomed up and all with the audience of K-9 & Kitty Kutter’s resident parrot keeping watch.

Are you looking for a unique, friendly, and appropriately priced groomer for your dog or cat? Then you are in luck! We are lucky enough to have “K-9 & Kitty Kutters” right in our backyard on the corner of 35th and Bloomington. The ladies here do an incredible job with grooming both dogs AND cats! And it is immediately apparent that the groomers here truly love their work and treat each pet as their own while they are in the shop. At K-9 & Kitty Kutters, the grooms come out beautifully every time and I have never had to wait longer than a day or two to get an appointment!

They also send each pet home with bows, bowties, or puppy scarves. But here is the icing on the cake…they do fur dying and pic_2.jpgalternative grooming styles. They even gave my poodle a Mohawk that ran the length of his back! This certainly garnered him plenty of attention! So, if you are thinking of dying your Persian cat hot pink for the summer or considering turning your fur ball into a lion just for fun…this is your place!

I would certainly recommend any animal lover to take their pet here in an effort to “freshen up” their pet’s look and get them cut short for our upcoming hot summer. You can check out K-9 & Kitty Kutters at www.k9andkittykutters.com and also to to their Facebook page for countless pictures of their grooming expertise. Their south Minneapolis location can be reached at 612-208-0666.


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