Walking with Buddy in the Neighborhood

Buddy_Photo_(1).jpgFor years I have wanted a dog. More than anything, I wanted my own dog. I kept asking, and asking, and asking. I even did research on dogs, I wrote essays and papers for school on dogs, and I talked about dogs. All trying to convince my parents to get me a dog, and to show that I was finally responsible enough for my own dog. Finally, for my 12th birthday, my parents got me a dog. My sister, dad, and I, went to three animal shelters looking for the perfect one. At the third, it was almost time for the shelters to close up for the day. Then I saw him; my dream dog. He is a Beagle/Blue-Tick Coonhound mix, and his name is Buddy. I found my new best friend.

This event was very important to me, because I found a new best friend. Buddy makes a very good best friend, because he will always be there for me, whether I’m feeling happy or sad. This is also a good learning experience for me, because I’m learning how to take care of a dog.    

I love to take my dog for walks, and I also love when my family comes along too. We usually walk by FolwellMiddle School, and I ride my ripstik (a ripstik is like a skateboard). When I walk Buddy while I am on my ripstik, he pulls me along, and this allows him to run really fast for a long distance, which he really loves. My sister usually doesn't come along, but when she does, it just makes the walk extra special.

Once I walked down to Dave’s Popcorn Shop. My parents and I all got ice cream while my dog ate dropped popcorn on the ground. Dave’s has the best ice cream and popcorn that I have ever tasted.

As you heard last month from my sister, we take piano lessons at Blue Tree Music Education. We take our dog on walks to our lessons too. During our lesson, my mom takes him on a longer walk. After we are all done with practicing the piano, my teacher, Ms. Smith, lets her dog play with Buddy and gives them both treats.

We also walk by many beautiful homes in the Corcoran Neighborhood, and we talk about what we like about them. This gives us ideas about what we should remodel our house to look like.

Sometimes we walk by Folwell Middle School, sometimes to Dave’s Popcorn, sometimes to Blue Tree Music Education, and sometimes we just walk through the neighborhood. Every time I take a walk in the Corcoran neighborhood, there is always something to see. It makes walks interesting, and also gives us something to talk about. I always feel good with my dog at my side, walking in the Corcoran neighborhood.