The Incomplete Skeptic: Fight Attendants & Fright Instructors

CNO_Head_Shot.jpg“You don’t have to attend every fight you’re invited to.”  These were words from a wise woman who I called my spiritual advisor for a great many years.  Unfortunately, I did not incorporate these words into my life until I was older. I had heard a similar message in my youth.  My grandmother told me to “pick your battles.”

Before engaging in a struggle of will or wit, ask yourself, ‘How important is it?’  Is a topic tendered a deal breaker, or is it something you can be patient with and allow circumstances to take their due course?  Can you trust that there is more to life than your perspective, and just sit back and observe?  Silence and circumspection goes a long way, and the better part of valor is oftentimes simply listening.  Remember the Three Second Rule:  before saying anything, especially in a stressful situation, wait three seconds.  In the heat of the moment, we might say something we'll regret later. It’s hard to undo the damage we generate when we seek to control solutions, or impose harmony. By waiting before responding to any given stressor, we avail ourselves of the opportunity to rise above the situation. By flying high like an eagle, (to the sea), we “see” the big picture.

Over time you’ll experience what it’s like to be a true Flight Attendant, rather than a Fight Attendant. And then maybe someday, when you've learned to compose yourself in the midst of big and small issues, you’ll become a Flight Instructor instead of a Fright Instructor. Choose your words well.  

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