Take Action to Stop Displacement of Frenz Tenants


After years of battling two notorious landlords over unsafe and unlivable housing conditions, over 130 tenants in four neighborhoods are facing imminent displacement due to the sale and "upscaling" of their homes by private investors. The situation was recently covered by the Star Tribune.

At an Aug. 15 protest covered by KSTP news, tenants made demands of the landlord/buyer, the community, and city government. They are outlined in a recent article by tenant organizer Edain Altamirano

Take Action! Stand with families by signing a petition to the city and asking friends and neighbors to do the same. You can also contact your City Council member and the Mayor with a note or phone call of support.

The CNO Board made its own demands of city government in a recent letter to City leaders.

Attend CNO meetings and watch our website, Facebook, or Twitter pages for updates on this issue.

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