Sunday Evening Litter Patrol


I love Sundays.  Every Sunday morning, my family and I wake up, get dressed in our best clothes, and go to church. After church, my mom makes a great breakfast for the whole family. She sometimes makes egg sandwiches, an egg hash, or even egg burritos. We all can smell the sizzling eggs and the hash browns coming from the kitchen every Sunday morning. We sit down, and we all enjoy the nice breakfast she has made. After breakfast, we rest. We all enjoy the nice meal and the time for rest, because every Sunday evening, we do a major cleaning to prepare for the week ahead. My sister and my mom wash the dishes, mop the floors, and vacuum the couches. My dad and I clean the bathroom, bedrooms, litter box, or do some outside chores, like mowing the lawn and plucking the weeds.


One Sunday, my dad noticed how there was a lot of litter on our street for some reason. We decided to make a change. We went to Home Depot to get a trash picker upper and some trash bags. We were then ready for Sunday Evening Litter Patrol.

My dad took out our black rolling garbage can and rolled it down the street, while I followed him with the special trash picker upper tool. We started at the beginning of the street and worked our way down the road, being careful for oncoming cars. He pointed out the trash for me to pick up. We finally made it to the end of the street, leaving it nice and clean for all of the neighbors to enjoy. I even made a dollar and twelve cents by finding money on the ground.

We were so happy to see all of the trash gone, and a nice clean street. We were both proud of what we accomplished, and then we went back to do all the rest of the chores.

The Corcoran neighborhood does not usually have a lot of trash in the streets, but sometimes there can be a significant amount. Please do not litter, as it is very bad for the earth, and you can also recycle some of the things you might litter. We often see broken glass bottles, and you can definitely recycle those.

You can pick up litter on your own block too. By picking up all of the litter on the streets, you make the Corcoran neighborhood more pleasant to take walks in and to live in. I hope no one litters, and it would be really great if you helped out too by cleaning up your own street. If you have already picked up some trash left by others or have not littered, thank you for trying to make this community a better place to live in. Thank you for taking care of this community.   


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