Stay Connected to Neighbors As You Age

LuAnneSpeeter_2240_66_cropped.jpgNational Night Out in Corcoran brought together neighbors of every age. I dropped in on five or six block parties along Longfellow and 19th avenues to advocate for the elderly and was warmly greeted. Among the offers of brats, potato salad and brownies I had a chance to chat with a number of residents who expressed concern about how to maintain their quality of life as they age.

One older woman in particular has a real desire to stay in her home amid her Corcoran neighbors but worries about her ability to navigate her steps much longer. A middle-aged gentleman I spoke with eagerly wants to visit the elderly in ways that could accommodate his wheelchair. Along the route I also met a musician in his 80s. He doesn’t know how much longer he can live on his own, but he wants to stay creative and useful.

As our residents age, they needn’t automatically be forced into nursing homes but can continue to enjoy aging in their own homes. Many of the solutions are right in our neighborhood, beginning with neighbors befriending and checking in on each other. Good neighbors are among us who recognize that each person’s intrinsic value doesn’t diminish with age.

Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly has been a part of the Corcoran neighborhood since 1976. We match elders with Visiting Volunteers, enabling neighbors to enrich each other’s lives while helping them stay connected and independent in their homes. To request our free services or to volunteer for one of our many programs, please contact us at 612.721.6215 or [email protected].