Renters Committee


The committee's purpose is to improve and protect multifamily housing and renters rights through grassroots organizing, and to involve more residents who rent in their neighborhood organization. Through this committee's organizing, CNO has become a founding member of Minneapolis Renters Coalition.

 Who can participate and vote? Residents who rent in Corcoran neighborhood. We define renters as anyone paying rent or seeking to pay rent but may not have the resources to do so. This separation from homeowner residents is needed to ensure that the committee is controlled by renters, who are the most impacted based on the committee’s purpose.



Current Priorities of the Renters Committee: (adopted by CNO Board on 3/12/15)

  1. Foster energy efficiency and fair utility billing in multifamily housing.
  2. Ensure common repairs are made while advocating for raising livability standards in the City’s Housing Maintenance Code
  3. Make housing standards, renters’ rights transparent, legible and actionable, and reform the multifamily inspections process to be more accountable to renters.
  4. Equip renters and landlords to eliminate bedbugs and address mold concerns.
  5. Support renters rights broadly throughout the neighborhood and champion renter organizing in other neighborhoods.


Commissioned Resources:


What Repairs Are Required in My Apartment? [PDF file]
¿Qué reparaciones son obligatorias en mi departamento? [archivo PDF]

Through a partnership with the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, this guide aims to increase awareness and use of City of Minneapolis ordinance that governs health, safety and welfare conditions in rental housing, known as the Housing Maintenance Code. Content of the guide has been reviewed and approved by the City of Minneapolis Department of Regulatory Services for consistency with city laws and policies.


Visual guide: Who can live in my apartment? [PDF file]
Guía visual: ¿Quién puede vivir en mi apartamento? [archivo PDF]

​Concerns of over occupancy are often raised during the City’s housing inspections process or when there is a dispute between the landlord and renter. Too often these landlord-renter disputes are not directly related to occupancy, but on issues of repairs, unpaid rent or housing court action. The guide seeks to increase understanding of current City policy and support the rights of Minneapolis renters who are most impacted by occupancy standards.


For more information and questions about the committee, contact Corcoran at [email protected] or 612-724-7457.