Business Spotlight: Punk Rawk Labs


What do a microbiologist and a former local record store owner have in common?  Would you believe it if I told you “nut cheese”?  Punk Rawk Labs (PRL) makes healthy, vegan nut cheeses right in the heart of Corcoran and this is their story.

About 2 ½ years ago, Alissa was recovering from an accident and teaching raw food classes at a local co-op. Reliant on a walker, she needed some help at class and enlisted a co-worker. They quickly found common ground: both had health issues or allergies where diet played a major role in feeling well on a daily basis and both had known that feeling of being the odd-person out with a restrictive diet at social functions. Recently trained as a raw food chef, Alissa saw nut cheeses as a fun project and had started a Kickstarter fund. She imagined selling small amounts locally, but by the end of her campaign she had prospective clients nationally and needed help with the quickly growing business. Coincidentally, Julie was looking for her next new venture and that is how Punk Rawk Labs was born.

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Why do you donate to CNO?

Corcoran residents sustain the work of the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization possible through their volunteer leadership and financial contributions. Here is what they're saying:

“I give to CNO because the organization makes our neighborhood a better place by building, enhancing and sustaining a local community. By giving to CNO, I am making an investment in my home. And I know where the money goes – something which is very important to me.”

– Eric Lindberg, Corcoran resident

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Business Spotlight: Drew’s Caramel Corn


Has anyone noticed a sweet, delicious smell from the far southern storefront across from the Chatterbox Pub? About a year ago a new tenant moved in a tasty business.

Drew’s Concessions, owned by Drew MacPhail, goes back about 15 years. After an unfulfilling office workday doing customer service at an electronics company, Drew went out for a drink with friends. A suggestion was made by his friends that money could be made in selling mini donuts. This idea must have resonated with Drew because 2 weeks later, he had his own mini donut setup.

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