My Experience at Blue Tree

blue-tree-logo-web.jpgHello! My name is Parker Adams. I play flute in my school orchestra, and I sing in my school and parish choirs. As you can tell, music is a big part of my life. Another way I am able to incorporate music into my life is through Blue Tree Music.

For a long time I wanted a piano, but even more than that, I wanted to learn how to play the piano well. My parents got me my own piano for my ninth birthday and I was ecstatic. We hunted for a place to get a quality education in piano, and we finally settled on Blue Tree.

Fast forward four years, and I’m 13. I’ve been taking lessons there for three years, and I can’t imagine a better place to do so. It is close enough that I can walk there every night I have a lesson, situated across the street from the Chatterbox Pub. The teachers are very friendly and supportive, and let you do songs that you like along with the traditional piano learning series. They hold recitals in the spring that all the students are currently eagerly preparing for.

What’s even better about Blue Tree Music Education is that they offer a wide variety of instruments. They range from voice to cello to woodwinds, along with other classes like music theory and composing. These are just a few of the wonderful programs offered there. At Blue Tree there is truly something for everyone, no matter what you like.

Music has been such a big part of my life, and you can make it a big part of yours with Blue Tree. You can find out more by visiting their website, or by calling (612) 388-5014. Blue Tree is located at 3503 23rd Avenue South, in the heart of Corcoran, and it is rapidly expanding. I would definitely recommend Blue Tree to anyone looking to get a quality education in music!

Parker has lived in the Corcoran Neighborhood her whole life, and lives with her mom, dad, and sister.  She has one cat and one dog. Parker is more of a cat person and her younger sister is more of a dog person.  Parker’s favorite food is Chinese, and loves it when her mom orders delivery from Hop Wong.