Moment of Uncertainty for Apartment Shop Renters


Due to the court's ruling in favor of the tenants in the case of the 14th Ave Building, regulatory services made the decision to begin withdrawing licenses in all 62 Apartment Shop buildings. After waiting for the response of Mr. Steve Frenz to make the repairs in the buildings in the period that the law dictates and not receiving a response, regulatory services began the process of withdrawal, or revocation, of licenses in the middle of November.

Since this process is usually confusing for tenants, the City of Minneapolis sent a letter to all tenants of Apartment Shop explaining more about the process and letting them know that this is not a moment of panic due to the process taking 18 months or more. The City of Minneapolis has also convened 2 meetings to answer questions about the process. 

As tenants began to receive these letters, we began to hear concern from the tenants when they realized that they could be displaced. Due to these concerns, Corcoran in conjunction with HomeLine and the Minneapolis Renters Coalition, created a postcard with clear points to help tenants understand this process easier. We also door knocked in the buildings to give tenants this postcard and also invite them to the meetings the city was hosting on November 16 and 28 in the park recreation centers in Whittier and Corcoran neighborhoods at 6pm.

The purpose of these meetings is for tenants to submit their concerns, and for the city to provide a solution. Some of the tips for renters in these buildings are:

  • You do not need to move at the moment.
  • Keep paying rent to Apartment Shop
  • In case of questions, call HomeLine 612-728-5767 in English, 612-255-8870 in Spanish, and 612-255-8860 Somali
  • Attend the City of Minneapolis meetings

Since this is not a moment of panic, it is a moment to unite as a community and as neighbors that we are.  We will work together to provide support for each other as we ask the city to find a solution that benefits the tenants and takes into account their concerns and requests.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.