Minneapolis Park Board Open House

On December 3, I attended the Minneapolis Park Board plans for the future of parks at an open house at Powderhorn Park. The event was really well staffed with staff and consultants eager to talk to citizens and gain genuine reactions to the plans as they were laid out. The plans were smart, well designed and conveyed a message that the park board is very serious about this overhaul and how to approach it. In nearly every park representation, there were two examples of possibilities for future plans of the park an participants were allowed to vote on the example they liked best, as well as provide feedback on the highlights they liked in each particular example. As a Corcoran resident, I was particularly concerned about the design proposals for Corcoran, Sibley, and Powderhorn. I found that the Corcoran design truly reflected the voice of the local park meeting hosted to Corcoran Neighborhood Organization earlier in 2015, where people identified what was or was not working at the park. 

The Park Board will be hosting another Open House on Monday, February 22nd from 6-8pm. For more information, go to the Minneapolis Park Board Website.  Here are details of the changes and upgrades they are proposing.