May Renter's Committee Update




A month after the completion of the lawsuit against QT, monthly meetings are being conducted with the owner of the property talking about extermination, repairs and major concerns of tenants backed by the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization.

Working together with the owner this month, fumigations began for every building and every building will be completely wiped out and will be inspected by a representative of the neighborhood Corcoran. Also, they will begin with the most important and urgent repairs in each department. This was accomplished thanks to the power and persistence of tenants who have fought for demanding their right to a fair and safe housing unavenged by the owner.

The Corcoran Renter’s Committee is also collaborating in the lawsuit against the Apartment Shop, because in the neighborhood there are 6 apartment buildings owned by the Apartment Shop and conditions of these buildings are in very poor condition.

In the buildings live more than 90 families and these families are frustrated to see that they have little response and support from the city and housing laws are not respected. These families also become victims of discrimination by some owners when they begin to ask repairs.

The neighborhood is collaborating and supporting these families by prioritizing communication with city council members and inspectors in order to have public officials and an administration support and treat people of color and low income equally.

If you want to join the committee, we would love to have you! Our next Renter’s Committee meeting will be May 26 at 6pm at the CNO Office.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.