Local Artists Create Impromptu Mural in Response to Police Killing Mural is on East Lake Street in Corcoran


In the aftermath of the police killing of Philando Castile on July 6, local artists found a way to capture and reflect in a public way the anger and grief being felt by many.  A team of artists - primarily people of color - collectively planned a mural design that responds with successive visual panels to the question, “What Do We Tell Our Children? When (Education, Compliance, Age, Handcuffs, Your Guilt or Innocence, Protest/Our Outrage, or Straight-Up Evidence) Didn't Matter?  The Truth is Our Lives Matter!”  The mural conveys that even such things as being a 4 year old child can't keep you safe from police violence. 



Selecting a boarded-up building located on East Lake Street facing the Pioneer Cemetery near the Taco Taxi artists worked late into the night of July 7 (and the wee hours of July 8,) to paint their message.  The mural-painting event attracted a number of supporters; money for supplies was donated, a tent set up, a generator powered bright lights to work by, food was brought, ladders were loaned.  Supporters watched, talked, cheered on the artists, as everyone processed this latest tragic event.