Land Use & Housing Committee


The committee engages residents in the planning, development, and improvement of the built environment. All Corcoran residents are eligible to be voting committee members by attending in person.

Upcoming meeting dates for the Land Use & Housing Committee can be found here.

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Current committee priorities (adopted by CNO Board 12/11/14) are:

  1. Champion pedestrian improvements to Lake Street LRT station area.
  2. Guide redevelopment of 2225 East Lake per CNO policy.
  3. Foster redevelopment of East Lake properties north of South High school.


Related policies and planning efforts:

  • Corcoran Midtown Revival Plan. Minneapolis City Council adopted October 11th, 2002. [Hosted on City's website]

    • Sustainability Statement and Performance Goals. Board adopted March 3, 2010. [PDF file]
    • Program Brief on A Permanent Home for the Midtown Farmers Market. Board adopted April 29, 2010. [PDF file]
    • Zoning & Planning Inquiries. Board adopted June 2, 2010. [PDF file]
    • Public Parking and the Pedestrian Realm. Board adopted November 3, 2010. [PDF file]
    • Policy on New Housing at 2225 East Lake. Board adopted January 14, 2016. [PDF file]


  • Assessing Public Parking Demand at Southwest Lake and Hiawatha. Bergman, Sasha. Center for Urban & Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota. September 2010. [PDF file]

  • Envisioning a Permanent Home for the Midtown Farmers’ Market. Maleitzke, Adam. Center for Urban & Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota. June 2009. [PDF file]

  • Best Practices for Spending Phase II Housing Dollars: Recommendations for the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization. Warren, Emily. Center for Urban & Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota. September 2006. [PDF file]

  • "Development 101" slides prepared by City of Minneapolis, Department of Community Planning and Economic Development. February 17, 2011. [PDF file]


For more information and questions about the committee, contact Vanessa Haight at [email protected] or 612-724-7457. The Committee Co-Chairs from the CNO Board of Directors are Flannery Clark and Adam Tomczik.