June Renter's Committee

The lawsuit continues against the owner of the Apartment shop buildings, which has more than 5 buildings in the Corcoran Neighborhood. The number of serious things uncovered during the process of this lawsuit has captured the attention of some local newspapers, writing subsequent articles on this situation in the apartment buildings. Frenz, which operates its rental properties under a company called Apartment Shop, which in turn is controlled by Equity Residential, had previously claimed full ownership of the buildings bought from Zorbalas.

From the Star Tribune: “But Frenz, who is now being sued to keep up with repairs and improve the conditions of the apartments, said in court that Zorbalas companies; control 50 to 70 percent of Equity Residential Holdings, LLC, the owner of the apartments entity. Frenz has previously stated that he and his wife owned the company. In court, Frenz pleaded the Fifth Amendment repeatedly refusing to answer questions at least 60 times on the ground that their answers might tend to incriminate him on allegations that he committed fraud and perjury. He also refused to answer 75 questions contained in an affidavit filed by his lawyers.”

Lawyer for the plaintiffs, Michael Cockson told “Housing Court Referee Jason Hutchison he will ask for sanctions against Frenz for committing fraud. Earlier in the trial, lawyers for the defendant Frenz of fraud for manufacturing leases and inventing tenants for the south Minneapolis apartment building in an attempt to thwart the complaint for lack of support among residents.

One of the main sanctions is for Frenz to lose his license to rent these buildings, risking eviction for families. The Corcoran neighborhood is working to create leaders among the tenants in his buildings to promote laws to protect and improve housing conditions.If you are interested in creating a change in housing laws or live in an Apartment Shop building and want to be part of your community, do not hesitate because it is time to speak, act and be heard. For more information about the status of the Apartment Shop buildings, to be part of this committee or have a renter concern, contact Brettina or Edain at 612-724- 7457.

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