Help Plan the Future of the City of Minneapolis


What does your Minneapolis look like in ten years? In twenty years? As you may have heard, the City of Minneapolis is undergoing a full update of our Comprehensive Plan, a requirement by the Metropolitan Council every ten years. This policy document will guide physical and economic development in our neighborhoods for the next 20 years. With a goal of adding population while maintaining the character of our communities and ensuring that current residents are not displaced, it is very important that all of our residents – especially those who have been traditionally excluded from this type of process – have their voices heard.


As we move forward, Minneapolis will certainly change: we will have a growing number of young people and elders and people of color will become the majority of our region. How we as a City government stay relevant and connected to the changing needs of this shifting reality in the context of climate change will determine whether we are able to achieve the just and equitable society that we are working hard to build. I hope you will consider bringing your unique and valuable insight into this important Comprehensive Plan process.

There will be many ways to provide input into this plan over the coming months; is a one-stop resource for engaging with the project, including an in-depth timeline of the phases of the project . Visit the website to sign up for email updates, find out about upcoming events, and learn more about how to utilize the “meeting in a box” framework to hold your own discussion about the Comprehensive Plan and the future of our city. If you would like to find out more information about upcoming engagement opportunities for the Comprehensive Plan please contact Beth Elliot,Principal Planner at (612) 673- 2442 or [email protected].

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