Free Testing for Lead-Based Paint Hazards

Peeling exterior paint is not only a housing code violation in the City of Minneapolis, but could pose a serious risk to children under the age of 6. Recent research from the Minnesota Department of Health states that there is no safe level of exposure to lead.

Lead paint can be present on any painted surface, but it is most often found on windows, trim, doors, railings, columns, porches and outside walls. Surfaces that have been repainted may have layers of lead paint underneath.


A majority of buildings in Corcoran neighborhood were built before 1960, and these homes are very likely to contain lead paint.

Testing from ClearCorps, a local non-profit, can tell you where lead paint is located and how to reduce your family's risk of exposure. Megan Curran, Director of Community Health Programs with ClearCorps, can provide further information and applications forms at 651-603-8000 or [email protected].

Grant funds are also available to replace windows if:

  • Located in Hennepin County
  • Built before 1978 and have old windows
  • Both owner-occupied and rental units are eligible
  • Household income below 80% of median income
  • If owner-occupied, property must have children under age 6 either living there or frequently visiting.

Contact Megan Curran with ClearCorps to schedule a free home inspection.


To inquiry about additional housing resources in Corcoran neighborhood please contact Ross Joy at [email protected] or call the CNO office at 612-724-7457.

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