Energy Savings Customized for Your Home from Home Energy Squad

The following is a press release from Center for Energy and Environment.

The Home Energy Squad is an innovative service committed to helping you save time, energy and money. Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy are partnering to help customers reduce energy use. You’ll only pay a $70 trip charge and we’ll pick up the cost of materials and labor to install them. That’s over a $200 value!

Our team of trusted energy consultants will come to your home, evaluate your energy saving opportunities, and install the energy-efficient materials of your choice:

  • Door weatherstripping
  • A water heater blanket
  • A programmable thermostat
  • Specialty compact fluorescent light bulbs (a-line, bathroom globe and indoor floodlight)
  • High-efficiency showerhead
  • High-efficiency faucet aerators
  • Refrigerator thermometer

Our team will also:

  • Perform a blower door test to measure your home for air leaks
  • Complete an insulation inspection of your attic and walls using an infrared camera
  • Safety check your home's heating system and water heater 

If your home needs insulation or air sealing our crews will provide a quote for the recommended work and connect you to qualified contractor that will honor the quote.

To schedule your visit or obtain more information call 612-335-5874 or visit:

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.