Energy Efficiency for Tenants and Landlords

Corcoran Neighborhood Organizers are working on a project that brings energy efficiency incentives to tenants and landlords. If you are a tenant with a refrigerator that is leaking, air conditioner that is not running correctly, or cracked windows, you might benefit from these programs. Programs include the Low Income Energy Assistance Program and Energy Assistance Program.

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program can help pay for energy costs, such as a heating bills between October 1st and May 30th every year. Qualifying participants could receive a grant to cover some of the energy expenses. The Energy Assistance Program provides financial aid grants to assist with heating costs. Both homeowners and renters are eligible for energy assistance.  Energy assistance is given as a grant, so you would not have to pay anything back!

Staff will engage renters and landlords during this program. We will be door knocking in the neighborhood in order to engage tenants, and speaking to landlords in order to let them know about the programs that will benefit them. For more information, contact Brettina Davis, CNO Organizer at [email protected] or 612-724-7457.