Corcoran Grows Storm Drain Sweep


 Saturday, November 5th

Starting at 3519 23rd Ave. for breakfast before we hit the streets.

8:30am – 12noon

Grab a hat and a rake and join us for the kick-off event of our year long focus on water in partnership with the Alliance for Sustainability!  We'll be taking the day to clear storm drains of leaves and debris and encourage neighbors to adopt their storm drain and do this throughout the year!

Breakfast will be served at 8:30am and we'll hit the streets in large teams, with music, door-knocking and of course our rakes!   On our way we will educate residents on the importance of keeping storm drains clear of leaves and have good time doing it!   

Our neighborhood storm drains flow into Lake Hiawatha and the Mississippi river depending on your location.  Leaves trash, chemicals and organic debris from streets & sidewalks flow through storm sewers adding phosphorus, nitrogen and other significant pollutants to our waterways.  This contributes to excessive algae growth and declining oxygen levels.  

Our goal over this year is to get 60 families to sign the clean water pledge.  The Pledge asks residents to do 1 of 5 items to keep phosphorus, nitrogen and other pollutants out of our waterways.   

            1.  Reduce runoff by redirecting downspouts from hard surfaces, installing a rain barrel or rain garden.

            2.  Use little or no fertilizer on your lawn and keep grass clippings and leaves away from the street.

            3.  Combat erosion by keeping grass cut 3 inches or higher and leaving grass clippings in place.

            4.  Abstain from using pesticides/herbicides in the yard during the growing season and salt in the winter.

            5.  Pick up trash regularly on the blvd and in the alley.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us on our sweep through the neighborhoood!  Bring a rake and a jovial spirit in solidarity to protect our lakes and rivers!

Join the event at our facebook page – Corcoran GROWS-- and get the most updated information! 



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