Corcoran GROWS Dreams of Summer

2016-05-07_15.47.19.jpgWarmer weather, plant sales, yard projects, window cleaning and garage de-cluttering.  All signs that summer is coming and Corcoran GROWS is ready. 

Thanks to everyone who attended (no matter how briefly) our Springfest event at Corcoran Park.  It was a smashing success with great food, good conversation, inspired music and informative and passionate TedTalks.   But, if you missed it, don't worry—we have several upcoming events to put down in your calendar. 

GROWS Annual Campout- July 8-10th at Interstate State Park.  We have a group site for both nights.  It's only tent camping at the site but you are always welcome to join us throughout the day for hiking, exploring and possibly canoeing.  If you have any 2016-05-07_15.48.11.jpgquestions or are interested in carpooling please contact [email protected]

Backyard Genius Tour – Sunday, July 31st (time TBA) Do you like to tinker?  Are weekends best spent on a backyard project?  Well this is for you.  Join us for our 1st annual Backyard Genius tour.  We will be visiting several houses in the neighborhood that are taking DIY to a new level.  If you are interested in helping plan this event or being on the tour please contact Joe @ 612-722-6473

3rd Annual Garden Tour – Saturday, August 20th (time TBA) We've seen mini-orchards, perennial paradises and butterfly 2016-05-07_15.11.03.jpgbungalows in the plethora of neighborhood yards on our tours, but there is always more!  Join us for our 3rd annual garden tour.  We are looking for all levels of gardeners and all types of yards.  If you are interested in being a stop or helping plan the event please contact Joe @ 612-722-6473. 

Keep your eyes open for smaller events that will pop up along the way.  Plus, we are planning another rain barrel workshop!  We will post events on our facebook page and website so if you need more information or have questions feel free to stop by those virtual locations or email [email protected].