CNO Committees

CNO's Board of Directors establishes committees to carry out the purpose and mission of the organization. The Board also establishes committee membership requirements, voting rights, guidelines, policies and procedures for each Committee, and expected duration of the committee. Committee membership may include people not eligible for membership in CNO (a.k.a. non-residents).

A first Chair of each committee is appointed by the Board of Directors (and then concurrently serves on the Board). Additional co-chairs can be elected by Committee Members, and shall be subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Committees are able to pass Resolutions which are then submitted to the Board of Directors for enactment (along with minutes of the meeting when the resolution was passed).

You can check the links provided for updates from the committees, and information for upcoming meeting dates.

  • Economic Development

    Monthly meeting of residents working together to build a retail environment that is fully-occupied, stable, and responsive to residents’ needs through strategic support and collaboration with property and business owners.
  • Land Use & Housing

    Monthly meeting of residents working together to protect and improve the built environment in Corcoran.
  • Midtown Farmers Market Advisory Committee

    Monthly meeting of residents working together to support market staff in identified areas of need including fundraising, communications, operations, outreach and partnerships, and on-site support.
  • Corcoran Online Newspaper

    Monthly meeting with the paper committee and interested parties to plan the next online issue of the Corcoran News.
  • Renters

    The renters committee is not currently active, if you are interested in joining this committee please contact the CNO at [email protected].
    The committee's purpose is to improve and protect multifamily housing and renters rights through grassroots organizing, and to involve more residents who rent in their neighborhood organization
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