Business Spotlight: Yoga For Every Body


Owner Elen Bahr invited me to come join a yoga class on a beautiful Sunday afternoon called Yin/Yang yoga. This was my first time going to a Yin/Yang class and I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’m a beginner sometimes intermediate yogi.

The first half of class was Yin taught by Steve Streitz, mostly laying positions with mellow stretches. This is my kind of class LOL! The second half of class was Yang led by Elen herself. This half picked up the pace just a bit. It had a nice gentle workout feel.  At this point I am realizing that I haven’t been to a yoga class in a while and my balance could use a bit of work.  At no point in the class was I worried about what people were thinking about me and I definitely found it challenging in a very achievable way.

Elen has recently been named to the national leadership team of the “Yoga & Body Image Coalition”.  Yoga For Every Body supports the Coalition’s vision to create a more welcoming community for all. The goal is to create a healing space without judgment and without fear.  It’s for people who feel like they can’t do yoga because they are too old or to out of shape or whatever the reason.

Business_Spotlight_yoga_-_owner_Bahr_2.jpgI personally love this concept. I know how much a one hour class, one day a week can lower my stress level.  It centers my body and emotions for the week and sets me up for a more positive look at life. I know we could all use more of this in our busy lives in this busy city. Yoga For Every Body is the perfect yoga studio for anyone who wants to practice yoga for the first time or if you're just looking for that little extra in your existing practice.

The studio is located in the former home of Hiawatha Yoga. It is tucked in the most comfortable and adorable space on 35th street, near the Chatterbox.  Elen Bahr invites Corcoran neighborhood and neighboring communities to feel free to come in and say hello.  The door is unlocked in-between classes.  Pop your head in to view this must see gem of a space right in our back yard.

Class schedule includes classes like Creating Serenity, Inner Wisdom, Lunchtime Stretch, Meditative Movement, Peaceful way, Recovery Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin/Yang.  If any of that sounds as appealing to you as it does to me, head to the website and check out the class descriptions and times.

Elen, you have created this wonderful yoga space in our beloved Corcoran Neighborhood, thank you!

Yoga For Every Body
2223 East 35th Street Minneapolis
 Facebook EveryYogi
 Twitter @YFEBody


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