Business Spotlight: Willow Consulting



If you’ve ever worked somewhere when a key executive leadership role vacates, resigns, retires or is let go, you may understand how this type of turbulence can trickle down through an organization.  I have been in such a situation and have seen the type of chaos that can result: loss of long term good employees, fear of the unknown, and possibly, the dreaded rumor mill runs amok.

Willow consulting is a small local business with just 2 employees.  Amy Arcand specializes in interim executive management, primarily with small to medium sized non-profit organizations, and Brigid Riley specializes in strategic planning.  

Amy will step into an interim management role after an executive director leaves or is terminated and manages the day-to-day operations until the position is filled.  She relies on years of nonprofit experience, including being the former Executive Director of the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, to manage the chaos of transitions.

In fact, it was that job that exposed Amy to our neighborhood. She liked it so much she moved here!   Even after leaving the CNO, she has remained in Corcoran as both a resident and local business owner.

She’s been running her business from her home for the last 5 years. Most of her business comes from word of mouth through the grass roots organizations she has worked with in the past.  From speaking with her, you immediately sense she loves her job.  She’s passionate about stepping in and triaging the chaos, understanding the organization and its culture, and then working out the kinks. She focuses on the people who remain, and ultimately developing new goals and visions to pass on once new leadership has been hired.  Her goal is to stabilize the organization during the transition and set the new leader up for success.

As Amy’s business developed, she found that many organizations also needed strategic planning to help facilitate and solidify the changes put into place.   She admired the work that Brigid Riley was doing in this arena so they decided to join forces in 2016. Amy and Brigid have worked informally on several projects over the years, including the creation of the Midtown Farmers Market, and are excited about their formal collaboration.

Willow consulting also provides organizational coaching to younger or up and coming executive leaders as well as community engagement strategies.   If you are interested in Willow Consulting services please contact Amy at the above email or visit their website.


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