Block Parties Abound in Corcoran for National Night Out


Cruising through Corcoran on August 4th, you couldn’t help but be excited to see all of our neighbors on the streets and on every corner! National Night Out (NNO) was an incredible hit this year in Corcoran! Throughout our neighborhood there were 19 block parties held! What an incredible turnout and a great way to come together as a community!

NNO was originally an event designed to build camaraderie between the police and community in an effort to build safer, better places to live. It was made to bring a true sense of community to big city areas, and provide opportunity to bring all people together from different backgrounds and living situations. This is still the case today, right here in our neighborhood. NNO has become the time of year that all Corcoranites come together and get to know the people that live all around us.


For example, on 22nd avenue, over 30 neighbors from both rental units and homes, came to get to know one another, see how big the neighborhood kids have become, share in some great food, and play around on the streets with no concerns of safety. It was an awesome evening of excitement, new friendships, catching up, and it went until the sun went down and the moon came out. By the end of the night everyone had a blast and learned more about what it means to be part of our little block.


And since that night, I can’t go down the block without seeing someone once that I have built a new friendship with! That is true community unfolding right here in Corcoran.



Sara Stamschror-Lott is a volunteer writer for Corcoran News, our neighborhood’s local newspaper. Submit your writings, photos or other content to [email protected].

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