August 2016 Milly's Peace Garden Update


Pam Morgan and Anne Holzinger with their tomato plants

The gardening season at Milly’s Peace Garden is in full bloom!  All eight plots are planted, and the potato, kale, tomato, and basil plants, among others, are all thriving.  Herbalist Cynthia Thomas’ plot is full of blooming medicinal plants, and the pollinators love them.  Three of us gardeners spent one afternoon a few weeks ago filling a truck with wood chips and then spreading them on our garden paths.  What an improvement to the garden! 

Cynthia_Thomas.jpg                                                                                                                        Peggy_Kaproth.jpg 








                                  Peggy Kaproth with her basil and potato plants


    Cynthia Thomas with her blooming medicinal plants


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