100 Ways to Love People

This list was complied with several people sharing their ways to love people.


  1. Love your Higher Power.
  2. Love others as you love yourself.
  3. Never harm a child.
  4. Return carts to the corral or bring them into the stores (rather than complain)
  5. See an employee at a store struggling? Offer to help!
  6. Call someone and tell them that you love them.
  7. Let someone tell you that they love you.
  8. Compliment someone on a spiritual quality that they possess.
  9. Listen empathetically and honestly without trying to fix someone.
  10. Leave things better than I found them.
  11. Take the time to employ the Law of Creative Smiling when we are around people (smiling with your laughter, eyes, teeth, tongue, posture, physical proximity, etc).
  12. Hugs, not drugs.
  13. Handshakes.
  14. If someone is behind you at a store and you are both looking for a prime parking spot, drive past the good one and let the other driver have it (or just never take the best spot and let someone else can have it).
  15. Call someone and let them know you care.
  16. Do free service work at your place of employment.
  17. Sacrifice time and energy to help people.
  18. On the road? Let others go first. 
  19. Stop for pedestrians.
  20. Drive sober.
  21. Pull over to help someone having trouble on the roadside.
  22. Caress a loved one’s face with a deep look of love.
  23. Offer well-placed & sincere compliments.
  24. Let them know they have a ‘social SNAFU’ thing going on (booger showing, fly open, center-button open on one’s blouse, food on chin, etc).
  25. Tell a lighthearted joke.
  26. Encourage someone that is feeling stressed or has a hurdle to surmount.
  27. Shovel someone’s driveway anonymously.
  28. Give pleasure without expectation of reciprocal activity.
  29. Give someone a backrub.
  30. Wash someone’s feet.
  31. Give your partner a bath.
  32. Share some music with someone (burn CD’s for people).
  33. Deposit some money in a friend’s account that needs money.
  34. Fast and give the money you would have spent on food to the poor.
  35. Volunteer to help a charity.
  36. Give yourself a Music Bath.
  37. Laugh with people.
  38. Write someone a poem.
  39. Create a greeting card for someone.
  40. Clean someone’s windshield of snow and ice.
  41. Pay for someone’s food in line at a grocery store.
  42. Go to a Thrift Shop and buy something for a needy person.
  43. Return a lost article to someone.
  44. Admit to someone when you are wrong.
  45. Inject lightheartedness into difficulty circumstances.
  46. When you were right and someone else was wrong, do not rub their nose in it, but rather say something appreciative with humility.
  47. Offer someone your place in line.
  48. Let someone know in their work capacity, that you, their customer, genuinely appreciate their hard work.
  49. Adjust a rug by a business door that has been rumpled and is keeping a door from closing right, or is just out of position.
  50. Pick up trash on the side of a road and discard it in the proper receptacle.
  51. Do not play your radio too loud in quiet neighborhoods or when people are nearby.
  52. Provide someone transportation.
  53. Provide directions to someone asking for it (maybe lead them to the right street or highway, etc.).
  54. Shampoo someone’s hair.
  55. Give up your seat on the bus, give up your taxi, or offer someone your choice spot in a well-attended function.
  56. Get to work early and do not leave early for free.
  57. Do not use foul language around people that find it uncomfortable to be around it.
  58. Open a door for someone.
  59. Pull out and push in a chair for a date (follow social etiquette).
  60. Do not flap the covers after you fart.
  61. Do not gossip.
  62. Be inclusive.
  63. Be positive, not negative.
  64. Remember people’s names (including their children’s names).
  65. Praise someone, treat someone extra-special.
  66. Ask someone what his or her name means (first or last, when appropriate).
  67. Ask permission to ask a question before asking it.
  68. Thank a store clerk by name after a transaction.
  69. Compliment someone’s appearance when appropriate.
  70. Learn something about someone’s field of interest so you can discuss it with them.
  71. Learn someone’s sibling’s names and learn things about them.
  72. Remember what people tell you about personal things; learn their song.
  73. Return phone calls.
  74. Remove trash from the street.
  75. Volunteer to give rides.
  76. Write someone a poem.
  77. Clean up trash in a restaurant for the Wait Staff.
  78. Scrape someone’s’ windshield of ice & snow anonymously
  79. Shovel someone’s driveway/sidewalk anonymously.
  80. Give a generous tip to Wait staff.
  81. Pick up garbage and dispose of it in the proper receptacles.
  82. To avoid embarrassing them, mention your name to someone you have not seen in a while, just in case they forgot your name (“I bet you missed your old friend, Timothy!”).
  83. While waiting in line, be patient and cheerful.
  84. Let someone else in line go first.
  85. Offer to help an elderly person carry groceries to the car.
  86. Offer your arm for support to an elderly person walking across the street, to their car, to church, etc.
  87. Make amends to those we have harmed.
  88. Place a quarter in someone’s expired parking meter.
  89. Be grateful for everything.
  90. Make amends, admit when you goofed.
  91. Throw a quarter in someone’s expired parking meter.
  92. Do service work for a community.
  93. Offer to babysit at no cost so someone can attend a workshop or event as a couple.
  94. Forgive yourself or others.
  95. Feed aquarium fish and watch them swim their dance.
  96. Bringing food to a pet with adoration.
  97. Let people love you exactly as they are.
  98. Teach (encourage) love.
  99. Drive sober.
  100. Listen to your heart.
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