Beloved Annual Corcoran Book and Bake Sale Returns: Saturday February 4th


Once again, the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization office will turn into a warm and welcoming bookstore and bakery on the first Saturday of February. Many gently used books and delicious homemade baked goods will be for sale at very affordable prices. Music will be played during the morning hours. Come browse for books while enjoying hot beverages and delicious treats. Event sponsors include Shear Art Studios, May Day Café, Bill Oliver (realtor), and Moon Palace Books.  All proceeds benefit the many projects and activities of CNO.


Corcoran Book and Bake Sale

Saturday February 4th


Corcoran Neighborhood Organization Office

3451 Cedar Ave. S.


Used book donations will be accepted through February 1st at the CNO office and the Corcoran Park Recreation Center (3334 20th Ave S). Volunteers are also welcome to help sort books prior to the sale on January 31st and February 2nd from 6 to 8pm.


National Grant Helps Local Students and Residents with Steps to Become a U.S. Citizen


Minneapolis Public Schools Adult Education Program (MPS-AE) is thrilled to be part of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Citizenship and Integration Grant Program (USICS).   MPS-AE was awarded the USICS grant in conjunction with Mid-Minnesota Legal Assistance (MMLA) located in Minneapolis.  MMLA serves the legal needs of Legal Permanent Residents in the naturalization mps_3.pngprocess. MPS-AE teachers help with the English speaking, listening, reading, and writing components of the naturalization exam and interview.  Teachers also educate students on the U.S. history and civics portion of the exam and interview. 

According to USCIS Director León Rodríguez, the USICS Citizenship and Integration Grant Program has been a key priority in the
Obama Administration.  The focus of the grant is to move permanent residents from their current status to that of a U.S. citizen in order to participate in a lifetime of elections, and to claim rights and full participation in U.S. society.  There were well over 800,000 naturalizations in the United States last year and the USCIS Citizenship Integration Grant Program assisted some of the new U.S. citizens with the naturalization process. 

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Minneapolis Curbside Organics Recycling Program Reached Predicted 40% Opt-in Rate


As of October, 40 percent of Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling customers have signed up for organics recycling, making the Minneapolis program one of the most successful opt-in programs in the county.  This is an important milestone, as a study conducted before the program was rolled out estimated a 40 percent opt-in participation rate. 

Here is how organics recycling for composting works:

1)      Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling customers sign up for a green organics collection cart.  There isn’t any extra cost for a cart because it is already included in customers’ base fee for services. 

2)      Residents collect organics in compostable bag and bring it out to their organics cart. 

3)      Items that are accepted in organics recycling include all food scraps, un-lined non-recyclable paper products, and other compostable products.  A full list can be found at

4)      Collection crews empty organics carts once a week, on the same day as garbage, and organics are brought to a commercial composting facility in Rosemount, MN where they are turned into compost instead of being incinerated at the Hennepin County Energy Recovery Facility.

To sign up for organics recycling, and for more information about organics, visit the city’s website at or call 612-673-2917. 

Thank You to October and Give to the Max Donors

Thank you to those who invested in CNO in October and for Give to the Max Day! Your generosity contributes to CNO building up participation and leaders, addressing renters' rights issues, and running a robust farmers market. We rely on the participation, leadership, and financial support of residents like you. In our fall giving campaign, our goals are:

  • To raise $5,000. We have raised $3,156, with $1,844 left to raise before December 31.
  • To add 15 new sustainers, with 2 new sustainers thus far.
  • To add 25 new givers. 12 donors have given for the first time!


You still have time to give before December 31. Go to to donate.


Nicholas Adelman*

LisaBeth Barajas*

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Timothy Counts

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Annie Young

Andrew Zimmer*


*denotes CNO Sustainers

Toy Library Reduces Environmental Impact with Innovative Recycling Program


One of the founding members of the library, Rebecca Nutter, says the library believes in reducing its environmental impact when it comes to toys, that when toys are broken or unusable, there needs to be a way to recycle instead of tossing them in the garbage. Nutter thinks families will be excited to use the Zero Waste Box because it provides an option for recycling that is not otherwise available in Minneapolis.                                                                                                                                                     

“We know families have toys in their homes that break or a puzzle that is missing a piece,” said Nutter. “Donation centers won’t take these materials and some families don’t have the time to find where these toys can be recycled, so they probably just throw them in the garbage. Now, families can bring these items in to be recycled during one of our toy lending events.  It will be a big hit, we just know it!”

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The Incomplete Skeptic: Fight Attendants & Fright Instructors

CNO_Head_Shot.jpg“You don’t have to attend every fight you’re invited to.”  These were words from a wise woman who I called my spiritual advisor for a great many years.  Unfortunately, I did not incorporate these words into my life until I was older. I had heard a similar message in my youth.  My grandmother told me to “pick your battles.”

Before engaging in a struggle of will or wit, ask yourself, ‘How important is it?’  Is a topic tendered a deal breaker, or is it something you can be patient with and allow circumstances to take their due course?  Can you trust that there is more to life than your perspective, and just sit back and observe?  Silence and circumspection goes a long way, and the better part of valor is oftentimes simply listening.  Remember the Three Second Rule:  before saying anything, especially in a stressful situation, wait three seconds.  In the heat of the moment, we might say something we'll regret later. It’s hard to undo the damage we generate when we seek to control solutions, or impose harmony. By waiting before responding to any given stressor, we avail ourselves of the opportunity to rise above the situation. By flying high like an eagle, (to the sea), we “see” the big picture.

Over time you’ll experience what it’s like to be a true Flight Attendant, rather than a Fight Attendant. And then maybe someday, when you've learned to compose yourself in the midst of big and small issues, you’ll become a Flight Instructor instead of a Fright Instructor. Choose your words well.  

A Spotlight on Two Neighborhood Businesses: One Old and One New

 New Business in the Corcoran Neighborhood

                New features are popping up all over our area. There are new businesses being established that help our community, one of those being the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore. With this great business, you can get home goods for great prices and give back to the public.

                The ReStore is a home improvement outlet. They sell donated home furnishings and building materials for a fraction of the original costs. Everything found in their store is donation based and their merchandise comes every day from contractors, retailers, and private individuals.

At the ReStore you can get involved through buying, donating, and volunteering. Through shopping, the proceeds go toward Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to provide decent housing. You can donate to the ReStore, but please read their donation guidelines before doing so here: ( They accept a wide variety of items and all donations are tax deductible and 100% used towards Habitat for Humanity’s mission. The third way you can get involved is through volunteering. You can volunteer as a group or as an individual. As a volunteer, your tasks could range anywhere from accepting donations, cashiering, or answering the phone. This great organization could not be run without volunteers, so if you’re looking for someplace to do so, the ReStore is a great option.


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Corcoran GROWS Engaging Neighbors to Impact Water Quality


Did you know, that depending upon where you live in Corcoran neighborhood, your sidewalk and street water flows to either Lake Hiawatha or directly to the Mississippi River?  Too much leaf matter, lawn nutrients, sidewalk salt  -or yes, even garbage - washing out of the street when it rains creates poor water quality in the lake and river.  Leached-out leaf nutrients lead to algae growth in the water, causing a lack of oxygen and a poor environment for lake creatures, yucky water for swimming in, and ultimately, contributing to such things as the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.  Who knew that leaving the leaves in the street and the gutter is now totally not cool?!

Positively impacting the quality of the water flowing out of our neighborhood is part of a year-long focus on various water-related issues that Corcoran GROWS has committed to. In conjunction with other nearby neighborhoods, enlisting residents to sign a Clean Water Pledge and take actions such as  keeping their street gutters cleared of leaves is part of the plan.  

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Shoebox Recap


About 50 people came to Corcoran Park on Friday, November 4.
246 shoeboxes were packed
Going to Caribbean and south Africa.

Anyone who still wants to help can donate online at

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2017 Corcoran Soup Cook-off Success!


Once again, our Corcoran neighbors have proven to be excellent soup/chili makers!   Nearly, 50 neighbors filled the Corcoran Neighborhood office on Wednesday evening to enjoy our community and fill our bellies.   Over eleven soup-makers joined in the cook-off with savory, spicy, and homemade delights.  Each one was better than the next!

In the end, only three could be on top!  The winners were: Angie Brown and Laury Johnson's cutfoot curry soup. With Kim and Tom Medin's seafood chowder coming in second and Lauryn Przybylowski's cajun gumbo coming in third.

The only thing better than this year’s cook-off is looking forward to next years.  Keep on cookin' Corcoran!


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