Block Parties Abound in Corcoran for National Night Out


Cruising through Corcoran on August 4th, you couldn’t help but be excited to see all of our neighbors on the streets and on every corner! National Night Out (NNO) was an incredible hit this year in Corcoran! Throughout our neighborhood there were 19 block parties held! What an incredible turnout and a great way to come together as a community!

NNO was originally an event designed to build camaraderie between the police and community in an effort to build safer, better places to live. It was made to bring a true sense of community to big city areas, and provide opportunity to bring all people together from different backgrounds and living situations. This is still the case today, right here in our neighborhood. NNO has become the time of year that all Corcoranites come together and get to know the people that live all around us.

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Launch of #HumanizeHiLake Campaign at Open Streets 2015


If you missed it, the event Open Streets Minneapolis transformed East Lake Street on August 2 for a day of walking, biking and community building. During the event, CNO’s Land Use & Housing committee focused on the Hiawatha and Lake intersection in partnership with the Midtown Farmers Market, Longfellow Community Council, Sierra Club and Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.

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CenterPoint Energy Low Income Rental Conservation Program

The following is a press release from Energy CENTS Coalition.

Do you live in a one-to-four unit rental property? Do you want to lower your natural gas bills? CenterPoint Energy offers an energy conservation program for income-eligible tenants. Tenants benefit from energy conservation measures that this program can provide.

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Worried About Foreclosure? Free, Local Counseling is Available

If you’re behind on your mortgage – or worried that you might not be able to make future payments, the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization can connect you with a counselor who can negotiate with your mortgage company to get them to modify your mortgage so that you can afford the payments.

This is a free service with no minimum or maximum income limit. The following agencies are also all approved by the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

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Homeownership Opportunity Minneapolis

The following is a press release from the City of Minneapolis.

Maybe you’ve thought homeownership wasn’t possible, or you didn’t know where to start. Maybe you thought your credit wasn’t good enough or you haven’t saved enough for a down payment. We can help!

The City of Minneapolis is partnering with Minnesota Housing and the Minnesota Homeownership Center to provide access to down payment assistance, quality, affordable mortgages and free, non-biased housing experts that can help you become a successful home owner!

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Business Spotlight: Island School Museum


Most people can appreciate art, but I think many may be like me. They don’t know if it’s good or bad, or why it costs so much and are generally intimidated by the typical gallery. Is someone judging the size of my pocketbook or looking down their nose and wondering why I would even bother looking?

Fortunately, not all galleries are created equal. Our neighbor, Naomi Joy, costumer, designer, sculptor, and performance artist, started a space just over a year ago. She calls it the “Island”. It is a very unique, wonderful and ever-changing space available to an artist or group of artists for creative exploration, workspace or platform to showcase their creativity. This is not your typical white wall gallery (in fact the walls are bright red!). Shows tend toward the eccentric. As an artist or group takes up residency they are encouraged to completely “inhabit” the space of the room, not just the walls. Shows have been running about every other month and consist of an artist or a group collaborating around a specific theme.

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Business Spotlight: Shear Art Hair Studio


“As a salon we provide a calm and friendly atmosphere where your days are made and your experiences are had. We strive to be on the top of education and fashion trends. Every service is an experience when you sit with us. Leaving time for you to Be Beautiful, Be Unique and Be You!” —Tammy Angrimson, owner.

That is why Shear Art Hair Studio exists. Since she was a teenager, Tammy always knew she wanted to “do hair.” Over the years she worked to get a business degree and a cosmetology license so that she could properly create the business she wanted with her own specific missions and goals.

I really found this to be true! When I stepped into Shear Art Hair Studio I found an inviting space with friendly stylists. I was immediately greeted with a hospitality I’d expect from a long lost family member.

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A Brush With Kindness helps in need homeowners with maintenance

The following is a press release from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

A Brush With Kindness is a repair & restoration program of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity that serves struggling homeowners who live in the Twin Cities 7 county metro area whose home needs paint, maintenance and general restoration work.

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Business Spotlight : Du Nord Craft Spirits

Du_Nord_Craft_Spirits.jpgAs they say in Real Estate, part of the appeal of the Corcoran Neighborhood is “Location! Location! Location!”. We have Lake Street, light rail, major shopping and local restaurants, but the one thing that is difficult to get around here is a cocktail. While Du Nord sits just across Hiawatha from Corcoran, it definitely fits the bill – good quality, locally made spirits within walking or biking distance in an elegant setting.

Chris Montana grew up around the neighborhood and went to South High and his wife, Shanelle, is from rural Minnesota. The two watched as the craft beer industry exploded and customers became educated about things like ABVs and IBUs and the quality of the beer they were drinking. Chris was a home brewer and since the science of distilling is similar up to the distillation process they had a hunch there just might be a market for craft spirits as well!

Lobbying succeeded in getting the licensing needed to start their business but they still needed to find space. Going back to his roots, Chris thought South Minneapolis would be the perfect place and the 32nd Street location had the proper zoning as well as proximity to light rail and local neighborhoods.

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Free Testing for Lead-Based Paint Hazards

Peeling exterior paint is not only a housing code violation in the City of Minneapolis, but could pose a serious risk to children under the age of 6. Recent research from the Minnesota Department of Health states that there is no safe level of exposure to lead.

Lead paint can be present on any painted surface, but it is most often found on windows, trim, doors, railings, columns, porches and outside walls. Surfaces that have been repainted may have layers of lead paint underneath.

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