2016 Fall Appeal Letter from Edain


Dear Neighbor,

IMG_20150729_190246_(1).jpgMy name is Edaín Altamirano. My family and I are tenants of Apartment Shop and we have lived in Corcoran for two and a half years. Over the years I have had the privilege of being part of the Corcoran Board, and organizing and participating in the Minneapolis Renters Coalition co-founded by CNO.

I began to volunteer when a Corcoran organizer knocked on my door to give me information and help me request repairs in my apartment. I felt for the first time that a peaceful organization was truly interested in all city residents regardless of class, color, or income level. This inspired me to do my part to build our community and help other neighbors like me who are going through similar situations.

I decided to stay in Corcoran after being evicted by the owner without any justifiable reason. The Corcoran Board wrote a letter on my behalf asking the owner to renew my lease to have a place to call home.

This action touched my heart and my family very deeply since there are few organizations who really work for the community and are connecting and listening to the needs of our neighbors. Corcoran’s courageous example inspired me to keep working and connecting with other organizations to work on housing issues.

That's why I helped to build the Minneapolis Renters Coalition, a growing group of neighborhoods who want to follow Corcoran’s example, build community, communicate and humanize ourselves first. That's why I write this letter telling my story, to connect with you, and to ask you to be a proud supporter of the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization (CNO).


Edaín Altamirano

Organizer for CNO and Minneapolis Renters Coalition

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