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Speed Bumps Everywhere

Longfellow, 19th, 32nd, everywhere.

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Corcoran needs some tennis courts.

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Community Rummage Sale

During the Neighborhood rummage sale weekend, we could hold a Community rummage sale. Perhaps it could be held at The Corcoran park Rec center.

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Speed bumps on 26th Ave.

Add speed bumps on 26th Ave between 34th Street and 36th Street. Folks often cruise through too fast on their way to Hiawatha.

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Add a stop sign at 22nd Ave & 31st Street

There are too many near accidents at this busy intersection for there not be four way stop signs. We should organize to get the city's public works department to install two new stop signs on east and west bound East 31st Street.

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Repaint the Pavement Murals

The pavement mural was first painted a few years back, but our Minnesotan climate has taken its toll and it's pretty much faded away. Should we organize a volunteer day next summer to repaint this once iconic mural?

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