Fostering Leadership, Engagement, and a Sense of Belonging

Corcoran is a well connected neighborhood because our residents are involved and celebrate community. Follows these steps to get involved with CNO!



Become a Member

Sign up to receive CNO communications and became a voting Member of Corcoran Neighborhood Organization. CNO's bylaws state that any individual who resides in the Corcoran neighborhood and is 18 years of age or older is eligible to be a voting Member of the CNO.

Becoming a voting Member entitles you to:

  • vote in board elections & run for the board
  • vote on resolutions in committee & become a committee co-chair
  • vote on any future amendments to CNO's bylaws at a general membership meeting

Register as a voting Member by sharing your contact information here, stopping by the CNO office, or signing in at a CNO organized meeting or event. You must also provide a proof of neighborhood residency by producing a Minnesota driver's license, Minnesota identification card, or some form of residency verification that indicates that you reside within the geographic boundaries of Corcoran neighborhood. CNO staff can help you do this.



Participate in Committees and Events

The best way to get involved in Corcoran Neighborhood is to attend one of our many regularly hosted community meetings and events. See our calendar here of upcoming meetings and events to attend.



Obtain Housing Resources

CNO provides and can refer residents to a wide array of housing resources. Check out here what resources are currently available.



Host a Block Meeting or National Night Out

An important part Corcoran's sense of community is done through creating relationships with neighbors on your block. Similarly, neighbors who watch out for each other is one of the most effective crime prevention strategies.

Host a block meeting with the support from other CNO members/staff to get to know your neighbors or address a shared issue of concern. And mark your calendar for the National Night Out celebration, organized citywide every year on the first Tuesday in August.



Start a Community Project

Mural paintings, community gardens, and even the Midtown Farmers Market are all community projects that were started by Corcoran residents coming together with an idea to make our neighborhood even better. Share your idea for a community project here.




CNO relies on the donated time, energy and financial contributions of our residents to make are neighborhood great and support a thriving, impactful organization. Please consider making a financial contribution to CNO. No contribution is too small and every dollar counts!



Join the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of neighborhood residents who are committed to CNO's mission and ongoing success. Learn more about joining the Board here.



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