Eat at Pilgrimage Cafe and Support CNO!


Are you up for a little neighborly competition? Standish-Ericsson, Nokomis East, and Corcoran Neighborhood associations are up to compete for the month of April!

Eat at Pilgrimage Cafe during the month of April and they will donate 5% of your tab to the neighborhood of your choice. It's easy! Write Corcoran on your receipt and turn it in to your server. The neighborhood with the most sales will receive a pot of money (Pilgrimage starts the pot at $100 and customers can designate 5% of their bill to go to the pot). Pilgrimage_Cafe_photo.jpg

To find out how you can get more involved with Corcoran, follow the links below:

It's as easy as going out to eat at Pilgrimage and writing down your favorite neighborhood organizations' name on the back of your check. Dine out, do good!

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