Development Update

  1. Humanize Hi-Lake (Hiawatha Avenue and East Lake Street intersection). At Open Streets 2015, CNO kicked off a campaign to “Humanize” the Hiawatha and Lake Street area in partnership Sierra Club, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, Lake Street Council, and Longfellow Community Council by gathering signatures on over 500 petition postcards and raising awareness. The City and County responded by investing $90,000 into an engineering study (Hi-Lake Interchange Study).
  2. L&H Station development (2225 East Lake). Best known as the longtime and future home of the Midtown Farmers Market, Phase 1 construction will replace surface parking with a new Hennepin County family service center, new apartments, and shared parking. Phase 2 will demolish the existing building, reconnect the site to the street grid, and create a new public plaza and more housing. Additional phases will bring the total housing to 565 new units on site. 
  3. Corcoran Triangle apartments development. Wellington Management is currently constructing a new four story building with 135 apartments on the 2.6-acre vacant land parcel. Asking rents would be comparable to median asking rents in the Corcoran neighborhood today. 
    • Plans approved by City of Minneapolis
                Building elevations approved by the City of Minneapolis            Landscape plan approved by the City of Minneapolis
  4. Adult Basic Education / Transitions Plus development
  5. 19th and East Lake development
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    commented on Development Update 2016-08-31 18:01:47 -0500
    James, thanks for this. The crime against pedestrians that Adam and Flannery refer to — which prompted the South High principal to urge CNO and MPS to do something to repair the block — pre-dates the tenure of the 21st Ave households that I think your comment refers to. Please consider getting more involved in influencing the organization’s policies. CNO’s Land Use & Housing committee meets every 1st Thursday at 6:00pm at CNO, 3451 Cedar Ave S. Next is Sept. 1 — hope to see you there.

    Eric Gustafson, CNO executive director
    commented on Development Update 2016-08-29 21:35:44 -0500
    I just read Adam Tomczik & Flannery Clark’s response to the history of the building that now sits on the corner of 21st and lake st. and I am appalled at how first off they brush off the significance of the history of the building and then go on to say that this block has been a haven for “criminal activity” not mentioning at all that before the MPLS school board bought out and evicted all of the folks that were living there, these house were home to many and in good standing in the community. It is only after they were booted out and MPS let the properties sit vacant for nearly a year that they became a place of crime. Not only did MPS try to pull a fast one with the destruction of the former burmashave building but they destroyed many other beautiful pieces of architectural history in the other houses they took down. Spewing falsities of having them salvaged and then just letting them sit and rott and eventually everything just ending up in the dump. If this is MPS and CNO’s vision of responsible redevelopment I am extremely worried about the future of our neighborhood
    -a home owner on the 30th block of 19th Ave s.